In the quarterly E-newsletter no. 9/March 2023 of the Macedonian Banking Association, in the introduction there is the exposure of the General Director of KIBS AD Skopje, Goran Anastasovski.

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KIBS & Nextsense, launched the first Macedonian Electronic Identification Service - OneID, developed and certified in accordance with European standards,European regulations eIDAS and the Macedonian Law on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification and Trusted Services.

OneID opens a new chapter in the digitalization of processes for a wide range of services for physical and legal entities in the country.

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About us

The Clearing House - Clearing Interbank Systems AD Skopje (KIBS) operates the system for multilateral deferred net settlement for processing of retail payments.
The payment system consists of KIBS and the payment operations carriers in the Republic of Macedonia.
In addition to payment system services, we also provide payment services, trusted services, as well as other ICT services.
We have been present for 20 years and we are recognized on the market as a company of trust and security that fully meets the requirements of the clients.
Quality of service delivery, trust and reliability are our main goals and basic postulates of the operation.
KIBS is ISO standards certified and is also a registered provider of qualified trusted services in accordance with EU regulation (eIDAS).


Our mission is to maintain stability of the existing payment infrastructure, to introduce and develop new high-quality services and customer relationship management.
By performing our services in a quality, secure, trustworthy, and timely manner, we create lasting values and loyal and satisfied clients.


Leading company for providing of interbank services, services and requirements from the state and governmental institutions, as well as other services for business entities. A company focused on establishing innovative services and global trends based on IT digital technology, equipped with a high level of information technology and security, as well as expertise and professionalism.